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Test the significance difference between two populations mean.

1. Your employer asks you to determine whether sales of cars (DV) can be predicted from the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
What is an appropriate inferential statistical test for the case scenario and Why?
What would be known if the computed statistical result is significant?

2. The director for training at a company that manufactures equipment is interested in determining whether different training methods have an effect on the productivity of assembly line employees.  One of his employees who are tasked with testing this assumption randomly assigns 42 recently hired employees into two groups of 21; of which first receives a computer assisted, individual-based training program and the other receive a team-based training program.  Upon completion of the training, employees are evaluated on the time (in seconds) it took to assemble a part.  The results are as follows:


Computer-Assisted, Individual-Based Program

Team-Based Program

19.4      20.7    21.8     

22.4    18.7      19.3

14.1      16.1    16.8

15.6    18.0      21.7

14.7      16.5    16.2

30.7    23.7      12.3

16.4      18.5    16.7

16.0    13.8      18.0

19.3      16.8    17.7

20.8    17.1      28.2

19.8      19.3    16.0 

20.8    24.7      17.4

17.7      17.4    16.8

20.1    15.2      23.2

The director is an avid proponent of computer-assisted training and asserts even before the research study that the computer-assisted training program will produce better outcomes than the team-based training program. 
State hypotheses for this study (both null and research)
What would the researcher conclude with these data? Assume a significance level of 0.05

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