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1) prepare down the effects of electronic transactions and banking upon industry and monetary policy? Have innovations created greater or less efficiency? What has been the function of Federal Reserve?

Once you have choose your research problem, review materials in text which can help you get started, and then start conducting outside research by using online library, Internet, Wall Street Journal websites, Economist, and onward. From your research, create the annotated bibliography. (An annotated bibliography includes full reference in the APA format and paragraph describing the value of source to your research.) This will aid you both in organizing your research, and in making your reference page at the end of project.

In this Topic Proposal, you will comprise annotated bibliography for your sources. You are needed to have 5 to 7 sources for this project. Topic Proposal will contain one page, typed, and single spaced paper.

Final research paper will contain a 5-6 page typed and double-spaced paper (750-1,500 words) with at least one graphic (like graph or table). The paper must comprise title page, introduction stating the aim of paper, the text (5-6 pages), graphic(s), a conclusion, and bibliography.

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