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Multiple choices based on the Chi square test.

1. What is the critical value at the 0.05 level of significance for a goodness-of-fit test if there are six categories?
a. 3.841
e. None of the above


2. Two chi-square distributions were plotted on the same chart. One distribution was for 3 degrees of freedom and the other was for 12 degrees of freedom. Which distribution would be likely to approach a normal distribution?
a. 3 degrees
b.12 degrees
c.15 degrees
d. All would
e. None of the above


3. A distributor of personal computers has five locations in the city. The sales in units for the first quarter of the year were as follows:



Observed Scales(units)



Pleasant way






Venice Avenue




What is the critical value at the 0.01 level of risk?
e. None of the above


4. To analyze data cross-classified in a contingency table, how are the degrees of freedom found?
A. N-1
b. Rows - Columns
c.(Rows) x (Columns)
d.(Rows - 1) x (Columns - 1)
e. None of the above


5.The following table shows the adjustment to civilian life and place of residence.

Residence After

Adjustment to Civilian Life

Release From Prison Outstanding Good

Fair Unsatisfactory






Not Hometown










 What is the critical value for this contingency table at the 0.01 level of significance?
e. None of the above


6. The educational level and the social activity of a sample of executives follow.

Social Activity





 Above Avg


 Below Avg





High School




Grade School




What does the expected frequency for the "above average" social activity and "high school" education equal?
e. None of the above


7. Which of the following are true statements about the chi-square distribution?
a. Distribution is negatively skewed
b. Chi-square is based on two sets of degrees of freedom, one for the numerator and one for the denominator
c. Its shape is based on the degrees of freedom
d. All of the above are true
e. None of the above are true

8. Three new colours have been proposed for the Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicle. They are silvered-blue, almond, and willow green. The null hypothesis would be
a. willow green preferred over the other colors.
b. no preference among the colors.
c. any one color preferred over the other colors.
d. impossible to determine.
e. none of the above.


9. For a chi-square test involving a contingency table, suppose the null hypothesis is rejected. We conclude that the two variables are
a. linear.
b. curvilinear.
c. not related.
d. related.
e. none of the above.


10. The test whether two variables or characteristics are related results in
a. a contingency table.
b. a chi-square table.
c. an ANOVA table.
d. a scatter diagram.
e. none of the above.

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