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Answer the following problems.

problem 1) What do you mean by Financial Management? Describe different types of financial decisions that link the other important function of management like Marketing and HRM.

problem 2) What is an optimal capital structure? describe the way to achieve the optimal capital structure.

problem 3) What are the factors which influence dividend policy of a firm? What must be the difference in the dividend policy for a small firm and a large company?

problem 4) Compute the market price of the share of Saif Ltd and analyse the results with Valuation Model and dividend growth model from the following data

per share                                                Rs 12
Dividend per share                                   Rs 06
Cost of Capital                                          16%
Internal rate of return on investment           20%
Retention ratio                                          50%

problem 5) Siddiqui Ltd is considering a new project which requires an investment of Rs 500 lakhs. The project is expected to yield the following gross profits (before depreciation and tax)

Year                     1         2          3         4        5
Gross Profit         170    170       180      180    140

The cost of raising the additional capital is 14% and assets are to be depreciated at 20% on straight line basis. The scrap value is nil at the end of five years. Income tax rate is 50%. Compute the NPV, PI and Payback period Present value of Re 1 is as follows:

Year                         14%
1                              0.88
2                               0.77
3                               0.67
4                               0.59
5                               0.52

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