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problem 1:

a) What is a sample survey? In what respect is it superior to a census survey? Discuss the basic principles of a sample survey.

b) Describe the functions of NSSO.

problem 2:

a) Under what circumstances can complete enumeration be recommended in preference to a sample survey? Discuss the main steps involved in a sample survey.

b) What are the different sources of errors in a sample survey? describe.

problem 3: Define random sampling. Why it is preferred to other methods of selection of sample? How will you estimate the mean and its sampling error from a random sample from a finite population?

problem 4:

a) With usual notation find the variance of Pst, the estimate appropriate to stratified random sampling for the proportion in the whole population. Hence determine the best choice of the nn in order to minimise r(pst).

b) Derive the formula for n with continuous data. Obtain the estimates the sample sizes in the respective strata under optimum allocation.

problem 5:

a) Define cluster sampling. Determine the optimum cluster size so as to minimize the variance for a fixed cost.

b) describe the systematic sampling discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Prove that the systematic sample mean is more precise than the srswor under the condition to be stated by you.

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