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problem 1: What do you mean by the term Corporate Restructuring? Also describe the requirement and scope for financial restructuring.

problem 2: describe in detail the different symptoms for restructuring.

problem 3: describe the ethical aspects of strategic financial management in the light of ‘Satyam Saga’.

problem 4: Describe in detail the accounting disclosures for ethical financial management. As well describe the ethical dilemma faced by the strategist of finance manager.

problem 5: describe in detail the financial aspect of Brand Management. Describe micro and macro approaches to brand building.

problem 6: What do you mean by corporate social responsibility? Describe the need for corporate social responsibility.

problem 7: What do you mean by corporate governance? Describe fully recommendations of any committee.

problem 8: Distinguish between restructuring via privatization and restructuring of sick companies.

problem 9: Distinguish between Mergers, demergers and acquisition.

problem 10: Describe in detail the provisions of companies act on amalgamations and minority interest.

problem 11: prepare short notes on:

a) Joint ventures
b) Leverage buy-out
c) Reasons for strategic Failures in mergers or acquisition or joint ventures. 

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