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problem 1: What do you mean by Export Credit Guarantee Corporation? State its role and importance.

problem 2: prepare down a brief note on EXIM Bank? State its capital Structure. Describe its different Activities.

problem 3: Describe the function and role of EXIM Bank in Export financing.

problem 4: Describe regarding FEMA.

problem 5: Describe the different policies issued by ECGC.

problem 6: prepare short notes on:

a) Federal Bank
b) European Central Bank
c) SEZ
d) EPZ

problem 7: The spot rate for French franc is $ 0.1250 and the 3 month forward rate is $ 0.1260. Your company is prepared to speculating that the French Franc will move to $ 0.1400 by the end of 3 months.

• Are the quotations given direct or indirect quotations?
• How could the speculation be undertaken by using the spot market only?
• How would the speculation be arranged by using forward market?

a) If your company were made to put $ 1,000,000(one million) at risk on the deal, what would the mid rate

b) 7.2597 INR/ZAR, Spread 0.2670 INR. Compute bid ask rate.

c) EUR/USD 1.2596/1.2602. find out implied inverse quote for this quote.

d) Following quotes are given by the banker in Mumbai. Recognize whether the quote is direct or indirect quote. find out the direct quote for indirect quote and vice-versa:

Rs.100 = EUR 1.8820, Rs.100 = CAD 2.6415

Profit turn out to be if expectations were met? Ignore all the interest rate implications.

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