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problem 1) prepare down the merits of Arithmetic Average?

problem 2) Briefly describe different measures of skewness.

problem 3) prepare down different types of correlation.

problem 4) What are the properties of Regression Co-efficient?

problem 5) List the uses of Time Series Analysis.

problem 6) prepare down a general form of matrix.

problem 7) What are the major features of input-output analysis?

problem 8) Describe the basic concepts of Game Theory.

problem 9) Compute Karl Pearson’s Co-efficient of Correlation.

x:    100    86    91    108    111    112    105    87
y:    98    108    104    98    94    90    100    108

problem 10) Fit a straight line trend by the method of least squares to the following data.

Year:     1961    1962    1963    1964    1965    1966    1967    1968
Sales:    107       110      114     112      115      113      118     115

problem 12) Solve the following linear programming problem by simplex method.

         Maximise = z = 2x1 + x2

          Subject to         x1 + 4x3 < 24
                                   x1 + 2x2 < 14
                                   2x1 – x2 < 8
                                   x1 – x2 < 3
                                   x1, x2 < 0
problem 13) Compute mean, median and mode from the given data

Marks:                   5     10    15    20    25    30    35    40    45    50

No. of Students:    20    43    75    76    72    45    39    9      8      6

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