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problem 1) describe the meaning of investment? What are the qualities and constrains of successful investment?

problem 2) What are the Investment Decision Processes? Discuss portfolio management process and factors affecting portfolio performance?

problem 3) What are the different investment alternatives provided by different financial markets?

problem 4) What is the difference between Primary market and secondary market?

problem 5) prepare short notes on the following.

a) Mutual funds

b) Valuation of securities

c) Portfolio revision

d) Financial Market

problem 6) Discuss the problems associated with financial management of a multinational firm as compared to a domestic firm.

problem 7) With the help of a suitable ex, describe the following:

a) Accounting exposure

b) Economic exposure

problem 8) describe the recent steps taken by Indian government to strengthen the Rupee as it has declined to its lowest level against US dollar.

problem 9) Briefly describe different instruments commonly used for raising money from Global financial markets.

problem 10) prepare brief notes on the following:

a) Foreign direct investment

b) Benefits of international diversification

c) Currency swaps

d) Cash management issues in MNCs

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