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Activity Instruction:

Complete all of the given scenarios and create all of your answers in a single Microsoft Word file with solutions:

Scenario 1:

The manager of Gander Mountain store in Frogtown, IL, believes that his prices for ammunition are lower than the prices of his primary competitor in hunting equipment market, Cabela's. He would like to be able to give proof to support this assertion.

  • What are the Gander Mountain manager's null and alternative hypotheses?
  • How must he go about taking samples to gather the data for testing hypotheses?
  • What statistical test must he use to test his hypothesis, by using the data he has collected?

Scenario 2:

To complete this scenario, use the Golf Ball Distance Test (Excel Sheet Labeled below).

The major manufacturer of golf equipment seeks to enhance its market share by introducing a golf ball that is less likely to slice when hit. The company's research and development group has been experimenting with dimple patterns which promote straight flight, and have achieved some degree of success. The vice president of marketing, though, is worried regarding the effect that the new pattern might have on driving distance.

"I do not care how slice-resistant this ball is, if it doesn’t go as far as the old one, no one is going to buy it. Telling a golfer to buy some ball that can’t be driven as far as the old one is a complete non-starter," he commented to the development project manager.

To investigate this issue, the research and development group did a test to compare the driving distances for the two balls: 40 balls of the new kind and 40 of the old. They used a mechanical hitting machine to control all the factors other than balls themselves. The resultant data of distance measured to the nearest yard for each of the 80 balls that were hit is given in the Golf Ball Distance Test (Excel Sheet Labeled below).

  • What is the null hypothesis which the research and development group is testing?
  • Analyze the data in the Excel file.
  • What is the suitable statistical test for finding out the null hypothesis?
  • What is the p-value?
  • What should you tell the vice president of marketing?

Scenario 3:

To complete this scenario, use the Sammy's Subs Sales Data (Excel Sheet Labeled below).

Sammy, the owner of the fast food chain called Sammy's Subs, wants to know whether the levels of daily sales are distinct between his shop in Edina and the one in Richfield.

  • He records sales in each shop for a month, in the Sammy's Subs Sales Data (Sheet Labeled below).
  • Use the data to find out whether sales levels are different between the two stores at the .05 level of significance.
  • State the null hypothesis, and describe how you determined whether to reject it.

Scenario 4:

To complete this scenario, use the Mall Time Interview Results (Excel Sheet Labeled below).

Management at the Mall of Elbonia wanted to find out how much time customers spend at the mall. Four surveys were administered on four distinct days by randomly selecting individuals as they were returning from the mall to the parking lot, and asking them to participate. One of the problems asked was how much time the customer had spent in the mall on that day.

The outcomes of the survey are given in the Mall Time Interview Results (Excel Sheet Labeled below). Columns A through D show the time spent by the customers interviewed, according to the weekday and time of day when the interviews occurred.

Is there any statistically significant difference (at alpha = .05) in the average amount of time people spend in the mall, based on the weekday and time?

Describe how you determined the answer to that problem.

Scenario 5:

To complete this scenario, use the Seafood Prices Sample (Excel Sheet Labeled below).

You administer a grocery chain advertising account, and require gathering some data to support a campaign you are planning with your client, Rainbow Foods. The campaign will focus on seafood, and you require data to support your supposition that your client has the lowest prices, as compared to Cub Foods, Byerly's, and Kowalski's. The client points out that you require to include a control for the kind of seafood.

You agree on five categories:

  • 30-count wild shrimp, in shells.
  • Fillets of farmed tilapia.
  • Alaskan king crab legs.
  • Steaks of wild caught salmon.
  • Cod fillets.

Refer to the Seafood Prices Sample Excel Sheet Labeled below) for the data results.

1) Find out whether the data supports your campaign supposition and describe your plan.

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