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problem1. describe how you would proceed in granting a banking licence to a newly incorporated company whose objective is to become a significant player in the Mauritian banking sector.

problem2. After having granted the banking licence you have been requested by the Management of the newly set up bank to advise them on the confidentially aspect in banking as stipulated in the Banking Act 2004.

problem3. After two years in operation, the Bank would like to change its strategy and move into the global business.  Brief them on the different types of licence available in the global business sector.

problem4. What are the essentials elements of KYC Standards?

problem5. What are the objects, functions and powers of the Financial Reporting Council?

problem6. Critically assess the objects, powers and functions of the Financial Services

problem7. Commission (FSC) as laid down in the Financial Services Act 2007 (FSA Act) and advice on the improvements that could be brought in for the future.

problem8. You have been appointed as Advisor to the Commissioner for the Protection of Borrowers and your first assignment is to implement the Borrower Protection Act 2007 in full.  You are requested to brief the Commissioner on how you would proceed.

problem9. prepare short notes on the following:

a) Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants (MIPA)

b) National Committee on Corporate Governance

c) Stages of Money Laundering

d) Suspicious Transactions Reporting

e) Banking Business

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