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For the each problem I need to know what test to run to determine what is being asked. I am able to choose from one sample t test, paired t test, sign test, mann whitney test, chi squared test of independence, two sample t test, and chi squared goodness of fit test. The data set is not that important here as I will run the test I am just not sure what test to run in each scenario.

-Weddell seals live in the Antarctic and feed on fish during long deep dives in freezing water. The seals benefit from these feeding dive, but the food they gain comes at a metabolic cost (the dives are strenuous). A set of researchers wanted to know whether feeding was also energetically expensive, over and above the exertion on a regular dive. They determined the metabolic cost of dives by measuring oxygen use of seals as they surfaced for air after a dive. For each of the 10 animals, researchers measured the metabolic cost of a feeding dive and a non-feeding dives. Based on the data, does feeding increase the metabolic costs of a dive?

-The shell of the land snail Limocolaria marfensiana has two possible color forms: streaked and pallid. Researchers randomly sampled 23 snails from an area and recorded the form of the shell of each individual. The researchers believe that 60% of the snail population has shells that are streaked. Based on the recorded sample of snails, do you find a significant difference from the hypothesized proportion of streaked shells?


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