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Calculation of location measures and dispersion measures.

Consider the following set of sample data:

78, 121, 143, 88, 110, 107, 62, 122, 130, 95, 78, 139, 89, 135

a) Work out the mean and standard deviation for these sample data.

b) Compute the coefficient of variation for these sample data and interpret its meaning.

Average = 106.9286

2315_the mean and standard deviation.jpg

Coefficient = 19.7933771190714 / 106.9286 * 100

Coefficient = 18.5108403251169 %

Coefficient = 18.5% Rounded up = 19%

c) Using Tchebysheff's Theorem, determine the range of values that must include at least 89% of the data.  Count the number of data values that fall into this range and comment on whether your interval range was conservative or not.

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