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problem 1) How to formulate a hypothesis?

problem 2) describe the objectives of Social Research?

problem 3) What are the requisites for a sampling?

problem 4) What are the kinds of problems that can be included in aproblemnaire?

problem 5) What are the merits of graphs?

problem 6) describe the degrees of correlation?

problem 7) What are the sources of data?

problem 8) Compute mode from the following data :

Income      Persons

0-10             10
10-20          14
20-30          19
30-40          17
40-50          13

problem 9) Bring out the significance of research design in social science research.

problem 10) describe case study.

problem 11) describe the various steps involved in Report Writing.

problem 12) find out mean deviation from mean for the following data :

Age in Years      No. of persons

0-10                       20
10-20                     25
20-30                     32
30-40                     40
40-50                     42
50-60                     35
60-70                     10
70-80                      8

problem 13) Following are the scores of ten students in a class and their IQ:

Student      Scores      IQ
1                  35         100
2                  40         100
3                  25         110
4                  55         140
5                  85         150
6                  90         130
7                  65         100
8                  55         130
9                  45         140
10                50         110

Use the method of rank correlation to find out the relationship between scores and IQ.

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