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• From  CMEGROUP  website – Look up/Report a FUTURES closing price over 3 consecutive days, and determine your $$ Profit or Loss each of the 2 in-between days. Assume you are SHORT one contract. You must list the contract specifications. 

• From  CBOE website or YAHOO FINANCE, Look up/Report one OPTION  Put or  Call price. Pick a well known stock that pays little or no dividend. The strike price should be near the current stock price. The expiration date should be between 2 and 4 months. All these details/dates/stock price should be reported. Assume you buy that option contract (for 100 shares) at the end of “day 1” and sell it at the end of “day 2.” Report those 2 closing prices and your total $ profit of loss.  

ALSO, use a Black-Scholes-Merton Options Calculator to determine the theoretical option price for the same “day 1” option. Specify all your inputs. The Volatility Input (the stock return standard deviation) will be the trickiest parameter. You will have to search it. Report/Note the comparison between the actual price at the end of “day 1” and theoretical option price you found.

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