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Multiple Comparisons Test.

To study the effects of different kinds of vigorous exercise on physical fitness, researchers randomized 33 healthy, non-athletic, 20- to 25-year-old made volunteers into three exercise programs: swimming, running, and bicycling. After six months, a variety of measures were taken of the men's fitness levels. One such measure was forced expiratory volume (FEV1), with higher values indicating better pulmonary fitness. The results were as follows:



Sample size

Sample mean

Sample standard deviation













The one-way ANOVA table for these data is as follows, indicating as a minimum one significant difference in mean FEV1 among the three groups.



Sum of Squares

Mean Square

F Value

Pr > F













Corrected Total






Perform all pair wise comparisons among the 3 programs, using a Tukey adjustment and an overall significance level of 0.05, and then interpret all your results.

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