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Hypothesis testing for mean and variance.

Utilize the following to answer 1 through 3
A psychological researchers has a theory that predicts women will tend to carry more cash than men. A random sample of Ersatz University students revealed that 16 females had a mean of $22.30 in their wallets with a standard deviation of $3.20, even as 6 males had a mean of $17.30 with a standard deviation of $9.60.

1. The researcher's hypothesis would lead us to perform a
A. right-tailed test
B. left-tailed test
C. two-tailed test
D. None of the above

2. The test statistic for the researcher's main hypothesis is
A. 4.000
B. 1.250
C. 2.500
D. 1.884

3. At α = 0.05, the degrees of freedom for the researcher's main hypothesis would be
A. 20
B. 5
C. 5 to 15
D. 15

4. A corporate analyst is testing whether inventory turnover has increased. Inventory turnover in six randomly-chosen product distribution centers (PDCs) is shown.
The critical value at α = 0.05 is
A. 1.65
B. 1.47
C. 2.58
D. 2.01

5. Analysis of variance is a technique used to test
A. difference between two variances
B. difference between more than two variances
C. difference between a population mean and a given value
D. difference between two or more means

6. Three bottles of wine are tasted by three experts. Each rater assigns a rating (scale is from 1 = terrible to 10 = superb).

Which test would you use for the most noticeable hypothesis?
A. t-test for independent means
B. one-factor ANOVA
C. two-factor ANOVA without replication
D. two-factor ANOVA with replication

7. In a analysis of variance test, the ratio of the mean square between groups to the mean square within groups follows a
A. normal distribution
B. F distribution
C. Chi-square distribution
D. Student's t distribution

8. Sound levels are measured at random moments under typical driving conditions for various full-size truck models. The ANOVA results are shown below.
The test statistic to compare the means is
A. 2.96
B. 15.8
C. 5.56
D. 4.45

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