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problem 1: In Ontario, if you commenced a civil case claiming the damages in excess of $100,000, the courts you would potentially work your way via are:

a) Small Claims Court, Divisional Court, Court of Appeal for Ontario.
b) Small Claims Court, Court of Appeal for Ontario, Supreme Court of Canada.
c) Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice (Divisional Court), Court of Appeal for Ontario.
d) Superior Court of Justice, Court of Appeal for Ontario, Supreme Court of Canada.

problem 2: This requirement for a class-action suit signifies to one or a few people containing a workable plan for pleading the case on behalf of an entire class of people:

a) There are common issues.
b) There is a representative plaintiff.
c) There is a workable notification plan.
d) The court is convinced a class action is the preferable process.

problem 3: Which of following is not true regarding evidence at a civil litigation trial?

a) The plaintiff is the first to present evidence to the judge.
b) Ordinary witnesses might testify concerning evidence they heard from the other person.
c) Expert witnesses might give opinions based upon the evidence.
d) The court might refuse to hear surprise evidence.

problem 4: This remedy in civil litigation is designed to prepare amends to the victim for loss suffered by the victim:

a) Compensatory damages
b) Punitive damages
c) Nominal damages
d) Specific performance
e) Injunction

problem 5: This therapy in civil litigation is designed to make the guilty party fulfill his or her obligation or promise to the injured party:

a) Compensatory damages
b) Punitive damages
c) Specific performance
d) Injunction
e) Rescission

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