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problem1: Prices of existing bonds move ______ as market interest rates move ______.

[A] down, down

[B] up, up

[C] up, down

[D] Bond prices don’t move as market interest rates move.

problem2: The weighted average cost of capital is used as a discount rate because

[A] it is comparable to the prevailing market interest rates.

[B] returns below the cost of capital will cover all fixed costs associated with capital and provide an excess return to stockholders.

[C] it is an indication of how much the firm is earning overall.

[D] as long as the cost of capital is earned, the common stock value of the firm will be maintained.

problem3: If a firm’s bonds are currently yielding 8% in the marketplace, why would the firm’s cost of debt be lower?

[A] Interest rates have changed.

[B] Interest is tax-deductible.

[C] Additional debt can be issued more cheaply than the original debt.

[D] There should be no difference; cost of debt is the same as the bond’s market yield.

problem4: Valuation of financial assets requires knowledge of

[A] future cash flows.

[B] appropriate discount rate.

[C] past asset performance.

[E] A and B

problem5: Although debt financing is usually the cheapest component of capital, it cannot be used to excess because

[A] the financial risk of the firm may increase and thus drive up the cost of all sources of financing.

[B] underwriting costs may change.

[C] interest rates may change.

[D] the firm’s stock price will increase and raise the cost of equity financing.

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