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1. The State Department of Weights and Measures is liable for making sure that commercial weighing and measuring devices, such as scales, are accurate so customers and businesses aren't cheated.  Periodically, employees of department go to businesses and test their scales.  For ex, a dairy bottles milk in 1-gallon containers. Assume that if the filling process is working correctly, the mean volume of all gallon containers is 1.00 gallon with the standard deviation equal to 0.10 gallons. Based upon this information, if department employee chooses a random sample of n = 9 containers, find out the probability that the mean volume for sample will be greater than 1.01 gallons?  

a. 0.3821

b. 0.1179

c. 0.6179

d. 0.2358

2. The following data represent the random sample of bank balances for population of checking account customers at the large eastern bank. Based upon these data, find out the 95 percent confidence interval estimate for true population mean? 



















a. Approximately   $1,069 + $484.41

b. About $839.40  to  $1,298.60

c. Approximately $1,069 + 2.1098

d. None of the above.

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