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Annual Income

Number of Households

Under $10,000


$10,000-under $20,000


$20,000-under $30,000


$30,000-under $40,000


$40,000-under $50,000


$50,000-under $60,000


$60,000-under $70,000




1. For the value 10,40,20,50 and 40, value of the arithmetic mean is

a. 32

b. 40

c. 30

d. 34.5

2. For data values,20,31,45,54,38,33,22,45, and 17, the mode is

a. 33

b. 34

c. 38

d. 45

3. The simplest measure of dispersion is

a. Standard deviation

b. variance

c. Quartile deviation

d. range

4. The largest value in set of data is 240, and lowest value is 100. If the resulting frequency distribution is to have seven classes of equal width, what will be the class width?





5. For the value 10,20,30,40 and 50, the average absolute deviation from mean is

a. 10

b. 15

c. 12

d. 14

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