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Identify the scale & variable and construct the frequency distribution & histogram.

1. The two types of quantitative variables are:

a. Ordinal and ratio

b. Interval and ordinal

c. Nominal and ordinal

d. Interval and ratio

e. Nominal and interval

2. True (T) False (F) problems.  Plainly mark the appropriate letter as indicated.

a. T or F A population is a collection of all individuals, objects, or measurements of interest.

b. T or F A sample is a portion or part of the population of interest.

c. T or F To infer something about a population, we usually take a sample from the population.

d. T or F Data that can be only classified into categories is nominal data.

e. T or F Ordinal level of measurement implies some sort of ranking.

f. T or F Ordinal level or measurement is considered the "lowest" level of measurement.

g. T or F A store asks shoppers for their zip code to identify market areas.  Zip codes are an ex of ratio data.

h. T or F There are four levels of measurement - Qualitative, quantitative, discrete, and continuous.

i. T or F The principal difference between the interval and ratio scale or level or measurement is that the ratio scale has a meaningful zero point.

j. T or F Categorizing as Democrats, Republicans and Independents is an ex of interval level measurement.


3. Complete the table by associating the categories of variables with their categories with an "X".

The categories of the variable: (LEVELS OF MEASUREMENT)


Category/classes names

Have an inherent order  
from more to less  
or higher to lower (Ranking)

Are numbers with  
equal intervals  
between them

Are numbers that  
have a theoretical  
zero point






















4. Constructing a Frequency Distribution Table & Histogram 

The Bureau of Finance of the Los Angeles Sheriff has always been a relaxed place to work.  Employees are allowed 60 minutes for a lunch break and are not required to sign or punch in or out.  In recent times the head of Department has come to suspect that employees are taking advantage of the comfortable atmosphere by disappearing for more than 60 minutes at lunch.  He decides to check his suspicions by monitoring for a week the number of minutes spent at lunch by each employee in a usual department of the Bureau.  He considers a lunch break of up to 65 minutes acceptable and longer than that, unacceptable.   

problem: Following are the data collected.  Should the head of the Bureau be concerned about the time taken at lunch by employees and why?  Present the data (Frequency Distribution) in ways to support your answer. 

Raw Data (Minutes at lunch) 

75 93 66 68 60 65 63 85  

78 86 73 77 69 63 64 87  

93 61 80 65 82 75 60 64  

62 84 64 63 63 61 70 67 

76 73 72 91 80 70 89 82

Minutes Spent # of Employees   Percentage of

At Lunch    (FREQUENCY)    Lunch Breaks 


5. Identify the following as discrete or continuous data: 

a. Weights of grizzly bears:

b. Number of grizzly bears in the fifty states:

c. Radar indicating that Mr. Nolan Ryan pitched the last ball at 97.3 miles/hour:

d. Among 150,000 consumers surveyed, 147,387 recognized the Coca Cola brand name.

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