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problem) A company manufactures 1Kg bags of grout (used in tiling).  The specification is given in grams and is 1002.0 ± 7.5 g.  The following data has arisen in a process investigation.  Please note that the data relate to single bags taken in row order in time.

1177_Process capability.jpg

You are asked to submit a report about the process and the process capability.Any issues should be clearly stated.

problem) Glucagon is a petide hormone secreted by the pancreas. It can be injected to insulin diabetics when their sugar balance is out and they have low blood-sugar.  It is prepared as a powder and when required for use it is made into solution with clean water.  The result is a quick increase of blood-sugar level.  A pharmaceutical company manufacture 1 milligram doses of glucagon for the market.  In a study to set up control charts for this, the following data arose.


(a) Construct suitable x-bar and R charts.

(b) Comment on the stability of the process during the data collection period.

(c) Comment on any modifications you would propose.

(d) If the in-house specification is 1.00 ± 0.11 mg, estimate Cp and Cpk for the process. Comment on the capability of the current process.

(e) If the variation remained the same but the mean weight changed to 0.99mg, estimate the ARL.

problem) The process for weighing the doses in problem 2 is under investigation.  A GR&R study is undertaken with three operators, eight selected doses and each operator makes three replicate measurements on each dose.  The data were;

281_GR & R analysis.jpg

(a) You are asked to produce the GR&R analysis.

(b) prepare a short report concerning this weighing device.

problem) A friend has approached you to ask you about Lean principles.  She is the manageress of a large call-centre for customer services.  Give a brief outline of what you would say to her.

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