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1. Research a recent article on the International Monetary Fund (IMF); perform an online search for an article which is at least 2-3 pages in length. Read the article, and think regarding how the topic associates to the concepts.

prepare a short summary report (1 page), and discuss how the article associates to the IMF’s position of influence on individual nation’s economic policy. You should incorporate terminology and concepts comprised in the chapter to summarize the article. Keep in mind to cite any sources used, comprising the textbook (APA format is required).

2. Read the case study “The Global Economic Crisis: Banking on Argentina” at the end of Chapter. Address the given problems in your response. You should make sure to comprise core concepts discussed in your textbooks in your answers.

Discuss how the fall in the value of the peso affected business opportunities for companies doing business in Argentina and in exporting and importing? Should the government permit the peso to fall even farther to stimulate exports? Why, or why not?

Do you think HSBC should remain in Argentina? Give rationale for your opinion.

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