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Provide two exs which describe how your own theories of financial management have matured or changed since the beginning of this course. Rate the three most significant concepts which you learned in this course in order of importance. Give a rationale for your ratings.

Propose some applications of knowledge which you have learned in this course to your current or a future position. Make a list of three best practices to follow in the field of financial management.

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Seth borrows $1000 at 5% for 20 years from Sojourner. After 10 years, Sojourner sells the rights to future payments to Johnathon for $P. (a) Find P, if Johnathon plans to accumulate a sinking fund at 4% to replace P and ...

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1. How would Stephanie's personal loan decisions be different if she were a single mother of two children? 2. How would Stephanie's personal loan decisions be affected if she were 35 years old? If she were 50 years old?

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