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The following information pertains to Fairways Driving Range, Inc.:

The company is considering operating a new driving range facility in Sanford, FL. In order to do so, they will need to purchase a ball dispensing machine, a ball pick-up vehicle and a tractor and accessories for a total cost of $70,000. All of this depreciable equipment will be 7-year MACRS property. The project is expected to operate for 6 years, at the end of which the equipment will be sold for 40% of its original cost. Fairways expects to have $40,000 of fixed costs each year other than depreciation. These fixed costs include the cost of leasing the land for the driving range.

Fairways expects to have sales for the first year of $80,000 based on renting 20,000 buckets of balls @ $4 per bucket. For years 2-6, they expect the number of buckets rented to steadily increase by 750 buckets per year, while the price will remain constant @ $4.  Expenditures needed for buckets and balls each year are expected to be 15% of the gross revenues for the year.

The project would have an initial working capital requirement of $5,000 and this requirement will be 10% of all revenues after that.  Fairways will be in the 15% tax bracket for all years in problem. The company’s required rate of return for this project is 20%.

Please complete the following tables to determine the NPV for Fairways Driving Range, Inc.’s proposed Sanford venture.  PLEASE ROUND ALL FIGURES TO THE NEAREST WHOLE DOLLAR!

864_determining NPV.jpg

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