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Find the confidence intervals for two populations.

People's handshakes seem to be related to other aspects of their personalities (Chaplin, Phillips, Brown, Clanton, & Stein, 2000). For ex, a firm handshake is negatively related to shyness. To measure the magnitude of this effect, a researcher obtained a sample of n =12 people who were rated as having firm handshakes and n = 8 who were rated as having weak handshakes. Both groups had 50 percent males and 50 percent females. Each individual was given a personality test measuring shyness. The average score for the firm handshake group was M = 43 with SS = 1170 and the average for the weak handshake group was M = 61 with SS = 990. Use the sample data to estimate how much difference there is in shyness between people with firm handshakes and people with weak handshakes. Make a point estimate and a 95 percent confidence interval estimate.

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