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1.  A cell phone service provider has the 14,000 customers.  Recently, the sales department chosen a random sample of 400 customer accounts and recorded number of minutes of long distance time employed during the previous billing period. The company analyst employed Excel to sort these values in order from high to low. She then assigned the highest value rank of 1, the next highest value rank of 2, and so forth.  These ranks would be considered to be ordinal data. 

2.  Recently, major tire manufacturer stated in their advertising that their tires with the new tire tread design will last more than 50,000 miles on average. A consumer agency gathered a subset of these tires and tested them in very controlled conditions. Based upon this test, the agency concluded that the manufacturer was justified in making this claim. The procedure described is the ex of: 

a. descriptive statistics.

b. hypothesis testing.

c. statistical inference.

d. Both b and c are correct.

3. Open the data file on your excel file  AirlinePassengers.  Point out the level of data (nominal, ordinal, ratio, or interval)  measurement for each variable in data set. Notice the tab for description offeres information about data.

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