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Choose the correct choice and answer the following problems. 

1.  On an exam on probability concepts, Sue had an answer of 13/8 for one problem. give details how she knew that this result was incorrect.

2.   "You cannot conclude the exact decimal-number value of Π."





3. What is the likelihood of an event that is certain to occur?





4.  A bag contains 2 red marbles, 3 blue marbles, and 5 green marbles. If a marble is at random selected from the bag, what is the probability that is blue?

5.  A multiple choice problem has 16 possible answers, only one of which is correct. Is it "unusual" to answer a problem correctly is a random guess is made?

6.  Based on meteorological records, the probability that it will snow in a certain town on January 1st is 0.206. Find the probability that in a given year it will not snow on January 1st in that town.

7.  The pH level in a shampoo

i. Discrete

ii. Continuous

8.  If a person is randomly selected from a certain town, the possibility distribution for the number, x, of siblings is as described in the accompanying table.

9. Choosing 5 people (without replacement) from a group of 59 people, of which 15 are women, keeping track of the number of men chosen.















a. Not binomial: there are too many trials.

b. Procedure results in a binomial distribution.

c. Not binomial: there are more than two outcomes for each trial.

d. Not binomial: the trials are not independent.

10.  The probability that Z lies between 0 and 3.01

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