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A) Assignments must be typed, 10 or 11 point font size (Times Roman or similar if possible) double spaced with a 4 cm margin on the right side of the page with the page size specified as UK A4. All pages should be numbered.

B) MBS Worldwide uses MS Office 2003/2007, thus any submission from a newer system should be saved by using an appropriate format.

Assignment: You are required to select a company for analysis. This company must be quoted on one of the principal international exchanges. It might be your own company. You must then do the following:

1)  Make a portfolio of analytical reference materials comprising the financial reports for at least 5 years. This is your analytical permanent file for the selected company.

2) Make a schedule of your file contents with a short note describing the significance of each item.

3) Undertake a comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of the business by using the analytical methodology.

4) Estimate the firm’s cost of equity capital and its weighted average cost of capital.

Make a 2500 word (maximum) report on (3) and (4) providing a clear audit trail to your analytical permanent file contents list (2) which must also be presented. Your report should describe a high level of critical rigor and reflection.

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