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Pizza comparisons of Dominos & Little Caesars.

What is the best pizza deal in your area?
How do you conduct comparative shopping when different pizza stores have different size pans?
Are prices for some large pizzas for a particular store proportional to the amount of pizza for each size?
Does any combination of two pan sizes give a better buy than a larger pan size?
Is pizza available in any shape besides circles? If so, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these shapes from a marketing viewpoint?

From a consumer viewpoint, collect data from two of your favorite pizza restaurants in the following four areas:
1. Collect statistics in
pan sizes
topping options

To begin your research, answer the following problems:
2. Compare cost per square inch of pizza for each pan size offered by a restaurant.
3. Compare cost per square inch of pizza with customer-chosen toppings versus store established combinations of toppings.
4. Compare cost per square inch of pizza for small, medium, and large pizzas for these two restaurants.

Use the following formulas:
Area of circle: which is pi x radius x radius
Area of a rectangle: which is length x width

Project Part II:
You often use the idea and practice of comparing cost and value before you actually shop in order to attain the best deal and pricing on products and services. Generally, you use this technique for buying occasional, big ticket items. Think about your process of comparison shopping and what you find to be the best approach for getting a good deal. prepare a reflection that addresses your process of comparison shopping and how successful you have been.

In your reflection, you will address the following issues, so begin by reading through this list of problems and take notes on what you come up with.

Money saving deals
Think about the best deals you have had in the past and reflect on the factors that contributed to finding that deal.

How would you describe your overall ability to compare cost and value?

Process of comparing cost and value
What steps did you take to acquire the largest amount of savings?
What steps do you feel someone should take each day in order to save money while shopping?

Pros and cons of comparison shopping
The desire to save money seems like human nature. After all, who wants to spend more if they do not have to? Other than saving money, what other pros are associated with comparison shopping?
Finding money saving deals can be time consuming. This would be considered a con of comparison shopping. What other cons are associated with comparison shopping?

Now that you have thought through these problems and taken notes, it is time for you to draft your reflection. Every piece of writing should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. A good way to plan this particular reflective essay is to first prepare an introduction to the essay. Next, prepare at least three body paragraphs: one paragraph that focuses on your ability to comparison shop, one that focuses on your process of comparing cost and value, and one paragraph on what you feel are the pros and cons of comparison shopping. Finally, add a conclusion paragraph where you can reiterate an important point about how you saved money while comparison shopping and how this skill can aid you for the rest of your life.

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