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In your project assignment for this module, you'll be pleased to know that there is no calculation involved, at least not by you directly. This time, you'll acquire some hands-on familiarity with a financial information system through exploring what they refer to as the "Kuali test drive". This is a sort of experiential tutorial intended to give financial managers considering the application of Kuali in their organizations the opportunity to see how it works and the kind of interfaces that the system would present to their staff and to users.

For this module, you should go to the Kuali test drive page, read about the system, review the driver's manual, and try the first two scenarios described in the test drive. If you are asked for a username you can use 'khuntley'.

When you have completed your activities here, prepare a short (2-3 page) report describing what you did during the test drive, your evaluation of the system at this point (admittedly, this will be based on limited information, but that's okay), and problems that are in your mind regarding the use of a financial information system such as Kuali.

This will be a preliminary assessment; you'll be returning to the test drive in module five, and to have an opportunity to further your understanding of it and to clarify some issues.

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