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Q1. Illustrate the meaning of Euro Issues? prepare down the securities which are permitted under the RBI guidelines?

Q2. Distinguish between the FCCB and DR.

Q3. Distinguish between the ADR and GDR.

Q4. Illustrate the meaning of two way fungibility of ADR/GDR? Describe the provisions announced by SEBI in this respect?

Q5. External Commercial Borrowing is a significant source of the foreign capital. describe how is it regulated in the country?

Q6. Describe how FIIs have been defined by the SEBI regulations? Illustrate how are their transactions regulated?

Q7. prepare down the recent financial services?

Q8. What do you mean by special purpose vehicle?

Q9. prepare detail notes on NBFC and insurance sector.

Q10. Describe the structure of venture capital in the country?

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