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Q1. Describe the relevance of exchange rates and changes in these rate in international capital budgeting?

Q2. Describe the relationship between spot rat, forward rate and the discount rate with reference to the multinational capital budgeting.

Q3. Setting up of the plant overseas influences the export of the parent company. In light of this statement, observe the assessment of a foreign project.

Q4. Illustrate the meaning of international working capital management? Describe its fundamental objectives?

Q5. Describe the distinctive characteristics of cash management in a multinational firm. prepare down the methods of cash management in such firms?

Q6. prepare detail notes on the Global Depository Receipts?

Q7. Who are Foreign Institutional Investors?

Q8. Illustrate the meaning of Euro Convertible bonds?

Q9. Illustrate the meaning of Foreign Capital? prepare down the resources of raising foreign bonds?

Q10. What do you mean by Foreign Direct Investment? Illustrate the steps Government has taken to attract FDI?

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