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problem 1:

Illustrate out the role of the WTO in the International Business.

problem 2:

“International theories state the bases of the International Trade” Prove the proclamation with defining any of theories of the International trade.

problem 3:

Illustrate out the Absolute cost advantage theory of the International Trade. How it is dissimilar from Comparative cost advantage theory.

problem 4:

Critically discuss the Porter’s Diamond Model in detail. How it is helpful in understanding complexities of the international trade.

problem 5:

Illustrate out the concept of the0 Balance of Payments. Discuss its elements. What is the significance of BoP equilibrium for the country?

problem 6:

Illustrate out the term Balance of Trade. How it is dissimilar from the Balance of Payment.

problem 7:

Illustrate out the following:

a) Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rate

b) Convertibility of Dollar

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