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We are adversities company, Our work is Advisement behalf of our clients.

Proposal : If you want to buy similar website like student of fortune with more features and If you are Indian you have to specified before purchase because this whole system depends on only PayPal payment getaway, In India PayPal don't support Indian PayPal to PayPal transfer, Don't provide facility mass payment and USD hold in PayPal account.

If you have budget $4000 to acquired this website you can contact us clasroom146 at gm ail co m

Price is exclude our commissions as we mention we are website broker so we will also charges.

Facilities of Projects

Full Project : In core PHP

2 years old Domain name

Genuine system 3 month support free

1000 problems and answer free worth $29000 market prices and A+ ratting and most salable

Note : Before inquiry we will asked $10 for show demo because we will not provide demo without we feel if your eligible buyer or not.

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