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ABC is a Canadian company, which sells frozen food to Japan. Every month it gets a payment of JPY 15,000,000. Exchange rate is= .01 CAD/JPY. Volatility of CAD/JPY exchange rate is= .002. Give a range for its exposure, measured in CAD? Without using options, futures, or a

money market hedge, how would you suggest ABC to decrease its foreign exposure?
Managing partner of Scott Corey accounting firm has decided that system should be up and running in 16 weeks. As a result, information about

crashing project was put together and is listed in table given below:

Activity    Immediate        Normal Time   Crash Time   Normal Cost ($)  Crash Cost ($)Crash Cost/Week

               Predecessor      (Wks.)          (Wks.)

 A              --                     3                   2              8,000                    9,800
 B              --                     4                   3              9,000                    10,000
 C              A                      6                   4             12,000                    15,000
 D              B                      2                   1             15,000                    15,500
 E              A                      5                   3                5,000                     8,700
 F              C                      2                    1              7,500                      9,000
 G             D, E                  4                    2                8,000                     9,400
 H             F, G                   5                   3                5,000                      6,600

(i) If project is to be finished in 16 weeks, which activity or activities must be crashed to do this at least extra cost? Determine the total cost of this?

(ii) prepare down all the paths in this network. After crashing in part (a) has been done, what is the time needed for each path? If project completion time should be decreased another week so that the total time is 15 weeks, which activity or activities must be crashed?

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