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Answer all the problems. You might use illustrations and diagrams to enhance explanations.

problem1) In the study on a cost living index for the particular year in the city, following weekly observations were made.

Cost of living index(Rs.)    140-150    150-160    160-170    170-180    180-190    190-200
Number of Weeks                5                 10            20              9                6                2

Draw the histogram and the frequency polygon on a same scale

problem2) The following table gives distribution of students and also regular players among them, according to age groups. Is there any correlation between ages and playing habits?

Age of groups(Years)             15-16    16-17    17-18    18-19    19-20    20-21
Number of Students                 200       270        340        360       400      300
Number of Regular players        150       152       170        180       180       120

problem3) Following data are given for marks in the subject A and B in the certain examination :

                                   SUBJECT A     SUBJECT B
    MEAN MARKS             36                 85
STANDARD DEVIATION    11                 8

    Coefficient of correlation between A and B = ±0.66       

i)  Determine the two equations of regression

ii) find out the expected marks in A corresponding to 75 marks obtained in B.

problem4) Drilling machine bores holes with the mean deviation of 0.5230 cm and the standard deviation of 0.0032 cm. Compute 2-sigma and 3-sigma upper and lower control limits for means of samples 4 and make a control chart.

problem5) Construct 5- yearly moving averages from the following data

YEAR    2000    2001    2002    2003    2004    2005    2006    2007    2008    2009    2010    2011    2012
SALE    105       107      109       112     114      116      118      121      123      124      125      127      129

problem6) In 120 throws of a single dice, following distribution of faces was observed.

FACES    1       2      3     4      5      6     TOTAL
F0         30    25    18    10    22    15     120

From the given data, verify that hypothesis “dice is biased” is acceptable or not.

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