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The survey was conducted from the random sample of 20 new employees new to this well known international business corporation which boast of 50 new employees each and every year. Each new employee is given the mentor to aid them in their job. The mentor is asked to meet regularly with new employee and aid them transition to the foreign location and working in new firm. The excel sheets offers a legend to describe the data. The district manager wants to know if mentor program is effective. Your report will aid provide answers to that problem.

Begin your analysis by providing your manager with the appropriate descriptive statistics for data. Your analysis must contain a pie chart, bar graph, histogram, crosstabs, scatter plot and frequency table which must aid your manager better understand the answer to his problem as to whether the mentor program is effective and the demographics of people who are new to firm and who participated in this study. Inform the manager regarding the results of survey in your descriptive statistics. Tables must be in APA format (academic in SPSS). Give a brief (one sentence) explanation of what the chart or graph tells you regarding the new employees and the helpfulness of mentor.

A.  The manager particularly wants to know if amount of support (problem #4) the new employee felt from mentor significantly impacts the perceived years of work for the company. Conduct the appropriate statistics test to answer that problem. Provide null and alternative hypotheses. Make sure that the data is normally distributed in order to justify using parametric test for evaluation.

B.  Next conduct another statistical test to find out if how often the new employee meets with mentor (from survey problem) impacts the perceived years of work with company.

C.  Finally, find out if there is any correlation between how well the mentor communicates with new employee with how comfortable the new employee is on the job.

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