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describe types of sampling.

1) Generally the larger the sample the smaller the

1) Disproportionality

2) Sampling proportion

3) Size of the strata

4) Sampling error

2) describe what technique can be used to make a disproportionate sample representative?

1) Clustering

2) Snowballing

3) Weighting

4) Post hoc randomization

3) describe what type of probability sampling would oversample some types of people in the population?

1) Simple random

2) Stratified random

3) Systematic random

4) Cluster

4) describe what type of non-probability sampling would involve a captive audience?

1) Quota

2) Convenience

3) Purposive

4) Snowball

5) A school administrator randomly selects 12 classes from your school as well as then selects all of the students of those classes to study a school library issue. describe which type of sampling design is being used?

1) Convenience sampling

2) Cluster sampling

3) Simple random sampling

4) Stratified sampling

5) Two-stage sampling

6) Volunteer sampling

6) The population of interest is-

1) The 500 students chosen

2) The students taught by activity-based methods

3) The students taught by traditional lecture methods

4) All students in high school

5) All students in AP Statistics

7) A suitable design for the study is:

1) A convenience sample

2) A quota sample

3) A completely randomized design

4) A simple random sample

5) A systematic random sample

8) Before school begins a teacher at a large high school is allocated the task of selecting students for a locker search. She chooses to choose a random number from 1 to 10 and select a total of 30 students based on that choice. For instance if she chooses a 3 then she will target the 3rd student out of every 10 as they enter the building. This technique of selection is an ex of

1) Simple random sampling

2) Systematic sampling

3) Convenience sampling

4) Cluster sampling

5) Stratified random sampling

9) describe which of the following sampling techniques depends for its effectiveness largely on the researcher's knowledge as well as skill in selecting appropriate cases?

1) Systematic sampling

2) Simple random sampling

3) Purposive sampling

4) Multistage cluster sampling

10) describe which of the following non-probability sampling designs most carefully resembles stratified random sampling?

1) Convenience sampling

2) Purposive sampling

3) Quota sampling

4) Snowball sampling

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