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describe transportation problem

The Greenberg public range meeting turned stormy. Citizens from four vicinities were gathered at city hall to try to get the city's federal funds for their own suburbs. The government recently awarded $750,000 to the city for road improvements. The city requested bids as well as five contractors submitted bids for work in the four suburbs. The bids are listed in Table (in thousands of dollars).

Table Bids $000s

































For the reason that under the terms of the federal grant, the work must be completed fairly soon, none of the contractors are large sufficient to perform more than one job. That is, it will be necessary to utilize a different contractor for each suburb's job. From the bids it was clear to Greenberg's city council that the federal funds wouldn't cover road improvements in all four suburbs. As they instigated to analyze the situation, they understood they needed some hard facts. Consequently they called the operations director of Greenberg also requested the following information.

a. describe what is the minimum amount of money that the city must add to the government grant such that work may be done in all four suburbs?

b. describe what is the best contractor-to-suburb match?

c. Which of the contractors shouldn't receive a job contract?

d. If the city can't come up with any supplementary funds, merely three suburbs will be repaired.  Based on dollars as well as cents, which three suburbs must be selected such that the surplus from the government grant is maximized?

To deliver the above information prepare an LP formulation for this assignment problem and solve. Then deliberate the answers to the above problems.

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