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Answer the following problems.

problem 1) Describe the functions of a Finance Manager

problem 2) describe the Profit and Wealth Maximization Decision Criterion.

problem 3) describe the motives and importance of holding cash.

problem 4) describe the financing and control of Working capital.

problem 5) Describe principal propositions and mechanism of Modigliani and Miller (MM) Model.

problem 6) Describe the methods of computation of Cost of Capital

problem 7) Describe the meaning, importance and limitations of Cost Volume Profit Analysis.

problem 8) Describe the calculation of EPS. Discuss EBIT-EPS chart and limitations of EBIT and EPS analysis.

problem 9) Differentiate between operating leverage and financial leverage. describe their respective usefulness.

problem 10) describe Equity shares. Describe Right issue of Equity Shares.

problem 11) Describe the sources of long range finance of a Firm.

problem 12) Discuss the concept of Present Value.

problem 13) Critically examine the various methods of evaluation of Capital Budgeting Proposals.

problem 14) Describe Probablity Approach of Risk evaluation.

problem 15) Describe the Models of dividend in practice.

problem 16) Describe Gordon’s Dividend Capitalization Model with the help of an ex.

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