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Answer the following problems.

problem 1) describe management accounting and mention its advantages.

problem 2) Describe how management accounting is useful in different management functions.

problem 3) What do you mean by capital budgeting? Why is it significant for a firm?

problem 4) How far the financial statements are useful for the shareholders and creditors of the company?

problem 5) Mention the different classifications of ratios.

problem 6) Differentiate between funds flow statement and cash flow statement.

problem 7) prepare down the limitations of budgetary control.

problem 8) Describe the assumptions and significance of Break-even analysis.

problem 9) describe the duties and responsibilities of a management accountant.

problem 10) What are the merits and demerits of any two capital budgeting appraisal methods.

problem 11) describe the different techniques of financial statement analysis.

problem 12) prepare down the procedures to be followed in preparation of funds flow statement.

problem 13) prepare down the ways in which marginal costing is useful in decision making of a firm?

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