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describe how the decision maker make the decision.

Accounting Information as well as Business Decisions

describe Ned Bonaparte is purchasing manager for a clothing store. On April 22 Ned received the subsequent weekly report for men's suits purchased from one of the company's suppliers. Ned instantly ordered another 12 wool suits and another 20 cotton suits from the manufacturer.

Merchandise Report

April 12

                                                                                                  Actual                  Desired

                         Usual Order                        Last order        Number on        Number On

Fabric type       Quality          Unit Cost       Date                 Hand                     Hand

Wool                    12                     $120          Feb. 15              5                             10

Cotton                 20                         80           Mar. 2              8                             15

Synthetic             25                         75          Mar. 10            20                            15


How does the merchandise report help him with the decision? Does this report seem to meet his information needs for the decision he made?

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