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problem 1) describe the following;

(i) Multiple correlation coefficient.

(ii) Partial correlation coefficient.

Also give appropriate exs.

problem 2) Describe the following:

(i) Multiple linear regression equation in three variables.

(ii) Standardized Regression Coefficient.

problem 3) Describe the analysis of trend by the method of least squares.

problem 4) What do you understand by two-way classified data? Give suitable exs.

problem 5) describe a Latin Square Design. Give suitable ex. prepare down its advantages.

problem 6) Describe a 22 factorial experiment with 3 replications.

problem 7) prepare the explanatory note on Discriminant Analysis.

problem 8) describe in detail principal component method.

problem 9)a) find out least square regression equation of X1 on X2 and X3 using the data given below:

X1    13    26    39    52    65
X2    2      4      6      8    10
X3    3       6     9    12    15

b) Given r12 = 0.6, r13 = 0.7 and r23 = 0.8 Determine R1.23 and r12.3.

problem 10)a) find out seasonal indices for the data given in the following table using the method of simple averages.

Year    Q1     Q2    Q3    Q4
2006    8      12    15      9
2007    10    17    22     11
2008    11    19    21      9
2009    7     12     17      6

b) Describe the method of moving averages in measuring the trend in time-series data.

problem 11)a) describe the analysis of data obtained form a Randomized Block Design.

b) Describe the following in detail:

(i) Duncan’s Multiple Range Test.

(ii) Tukey’s Test.

(ii) Least Significance Difference Test.

problem 12)a) Stating a model describe the analysis of a split-plot-design.

b) Define a BIBD. Given a suitable ex. Also prepare its ANOVA table.

problem 13)a) describe Fisher’s descriminant function.

b) describe the different steps involved in reducing multidimensional data by the method of factor analysis.

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