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The Project:

Company A        Company B

Big Lots (BIG)    Family Dollar Stores  (FDO)

Do some research on the two companies. In particular, look for their most recent financial statements. You need to make sure that you can find the financial data necessary for your project - your research is an important aspect of the assignment and you are expected to use your own initiative to complete it.

(1)What do your businesses have in common?

(2)How are the businesses different?

(3) Provide details on the background/education of their founders and current leaders.

(4) What was the business philosophy of the founders?

(5) What is the business/management philosophy of the current leaders?

Make sure that you clearly address each of these requirements prior to submission - bold the requirement/problem and then provide your response to it.

This will take some deep digging - your individual research is a critical element of the project.  

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