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problem1) Traffic light at the certain road crossing is set in the following fashion. It starts green at 06:00 and continues to be green till 6:02 and again turns green at 6:06 and continues green till 6:08. Cycle is repeated all through the day. What percentage of item during any given hour, traffic light would be green?

If your arrival time at this crossing is random and uniform over interval 16:55 to 17:05, what is the probability that you would have to stop at this light?

problem2) Create a frequency table having grades of wages with class intervals of two rupees each form the following date of daily wages received by 30 labourers in certain factory and then find out average daily wages paid to labourers.

Daily wages (in Rs.)

22 23 14 16 16 14 22 13 15 24 12 23 14 17 21
18 18 19 20 17 16 15 11 12 21 20 17 20 18 19

problem3) Distinguish between the following:

(a) Big Sample and Small Sample

(b) Correlation & Regression

(c) Nominal Scale and Ordinal Scale

(d) Knowledge & Science

problem4) Briefly describe the following:

(a) Characteristics of a good report

(b) Components of Time Series

(c) Testing of Hypothesis

(d) Graphical Presentation

problem5) Briefly describe the following statements:

(a) Comparison between two things could not be made unless they are really alike.

(b) Point estimate is not a one type of estimate.

(c) Statistical meaning of ‘bias’ is ‘error.

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