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problem 1: Swann Systems has forecast this income statement for the forthcoming year:

  • Sales $5,000,000
  • Operating costs (excluding depr and amort) 3,000,000
  • EBITDA $2,000,000
  • Depreciation and amortization 500,000
  • EBIT $1,500,000
  • Interest 500,000
  • EBT $1,000,000
  • Taxes (40%) 400,000
  • Net income $ 600,000

The company's president is not satisfied with the forecast and wants to see higher sales and a forecasted total income of $2,000,000.

Suppose that operating costs are always 60% of sales and that depreciation and amortization, interest expense and the company's tax rate (40%) will remain similar even if sales change. How many in sales would Swann have to obtain to produce $2,000,000 in net income?

a) $ 5,800,000
b) $ 6,000,000
c) $ 7,200,000
d) $ 8,300,000
e) $10,833,333

problem 2: A real estate investment has the given expected cash flows:

Year    Cash Flows
 1           $10,000
 2           25,000
 3           50,000
 4           35,000

If the discount rate is 8%, determine the investment's present value?

a) $103,799
b) $ 96,110
c) $ 95,353
d) $120,000
e) $ 77,592

problem 3: An investment pays $100 every six months (semi-annually) over the next 2.5 years. Interest, though, is compounded quarterly, at a nominal rate of 8%. Determine the future value of the investment after 2.5 years?

a) $520.61
b) $541.63
c) $542.07
d) $543.98
e) $547.49

problem 4: The Wilson Corporation has the given results:

  • Sales/Total assets 2.0×
  • Return on assets (ROA) 4.0%
  • Return on equity (ROE) 6.0%

Determine the Wilson's profit margin and debt ratio?

a) 2%; 0.33
b) 4%; 0.33
c) 4%; 0.67
d) 2%; 0.67
e) 4%; 0.50

problem 5: Cleveland Corporation consists of 100,000 shares of common stock outstanding, its total income is $750,000, and its P/E is 8. Determine the company's stock price?

a) $20.00
b) $30.00
c) $40.00
d) $50.00
e) $60.00

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