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1) Prada has 10 million shares outstanding, produces free cash flows of= $ 60 million each year and has the cost of capital of= 10%. It also has= $30 million of excess cash on hand. Prada wishes to make a decision whether to repurchase stock or invest the cash in the project which produces free cash flows of= $2 million each year forever. Should Prada invest or repurchase shares

2) We are looking at models in determining fair values of stock that may leave impression that stock prices must not change much. As of late there have been large shifts in prices of stock in stock market, what do you consider makes prices of stock by firms change so much? Include what you believe proves your opinion or position.

3) Fargo memorial hospital has annual patient service revenues of= 14,400,000. It has 2 main 3rd party payers, and some of its patients are self payers. Hospital's patients account manager evaluates that 10% of hospital's paying patients( its self payers) pay on Day 30 , 60% pay on day 60 (payer A), and 30% pay on day 90 (payer B). (5% of total billing end up as bad debts losses, but this not relevant to this problem.)

Determine Fargo's average collection period? (assume 360 days per year throughout this problem). Find out the film's present receivable balance?

what would be firm's new receivables balance if recently planned electronic claim system resulted in collecting from third-party-payers in 45 and 75 days, as a replacement for 60 and 90 days
Include step by step process.

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