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Q1. Describe what code of conduct has been prescribed by the SEBI for the portfolio managers?

Q2. Illustrate the credit rating? prepare down the benefits?

Q3. prepare down the various agencies comprised in the credit rating in your country? What are the various areas in which the credit rating is done by them?

Q4. Illustrate the meaning of Factoring? Give an account of the advantages and costs of the factoring.

Q5. What do you mean by Forfeiting? Describe the method of Forfeiting.

Q6. Describe with the help of appropriate ex, the financial evaluation of factoring. Is it always helpful?

Q7. What do you mean by securitization? Name the parties which are involved in the securitization? prepare down the modus operandi of securitization?

Q8. Describe the legal aspects of securitization in your country?  Describe critically.

Q9. What do you mean by debt securitization?

Q10. What do you mean by hedge funds? Describe its investment strategies. describe how hedge funds are distinct from the mutual funds?

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